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Welcome to Probins Kitchen Wrapping, where craftsmanship meets creativity! I'm Peter the founder of Probins Kitchen Wrapping. I come from a background of working in luxury automotive leatherwork which I have used to channel my skills into vinyl wrapping. I personally oversee and complete every project myself to ensure the highest quality of work in your kitchen at an affordable price. I will work with you to transform your kitchen dreams into reality with a friendly and flexible approach. So, let's get creative and plan that stylish, unique kitchen you’ve always wanted that reflects your taste and personality!


Kitchen Wrapping

Kitchen wrapping involves applying specialised adhesive vinyl to cabinet exteriors, available in various colors, patterns, and finishes, including wood grain, matte, glossy, or textured, offering an affordable and eco-friendly method to refresh your kitchen's look without a full renovation.

Tailor-Made Flat Doors

Whether you're looking to add a contemporary touch or your current doors are not wrap-friendly, our custom flat doors offer a sleek and modern solution, seamlessly fitting into your kitchen space for a stylish upgrade.

Worktop Wrapping 

Renew your kitchen with our custom worktop wraps, providing a stylish solution for a modern update or when replacing isn't feasible. Choose from wood, marble, and stone effect options for a fresh and contemporary look.

Kitchen Wrapping
Custom doors
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